The Best POS Billing Software For Any Business

Get OrderZ POS software to manage your business tasks efficiently. We offer the POS billing software that will best support your specific business needs, whether you operate a restaurant, sell retail goods, or simply need a dynamic POS for small business.

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Why do you need an OrderZ POS billing software system?

Our extensive POS softwares has the key components that are beneficial for any kind of business.

Pos Billing

Accept all forms of payment effortlessly, including contactless.

Pos Billing

Take orders over the phone or online, and enable pickup and delivery right from the best POS software.

Pos Billing

Join the OrderZ platform for simple, integrated payment processing.

Pos Billing

Monitor Transaction anywhere and anytime.

POS software for promising

Using the best POS software will allow you to expand your company and increase your earnings. Give your consumers the finest purchasing experience possible to make them happy.

  • Automating company processes is helping to drive extraordinary business growth.
  • With digital solutions, you can improve quality, monitor your business, and make quick decisions from anywhere.
  • Increase operational excellence while maintaining optimum security.
  • Boost productivity by accelerating success with digital solutions.

Our POS Billing Software Help(s) businesses of all sizes succeed

Every business owner may now be able to accept credit cards more easily, thanks to OrderZ. Since then, we've increased our dedication by providing a full range of business tools that provide every qualified company with a dream of access to success. We assist enterprises to thrive on their own terms, even from side hustles.

You can run it, As You Desire

Since it is your company, you should be able to manage and expand it using technologies that benefit you rather than the other way around. You only ever pay for what you really use, and we offer a wide range of adaptable tools available for almost any work.

A woman manage her business efficiently using pos billing software

 A girl with smiley face using pos billing software for managing her orders easily.

Works perfectly on any hardware

OrderZ’s POS software works on your existing hardware system. Also, it operates on any device, regardless of size. Eg. It works on PC, laptops, Mobile phones as well as on tablets.

All in One Place

Our user-friendly Dashboard gathers all of your business data in one place, whether you're online, at a physical location, or both. You have all the information you need at your fingertips to make wise business decisions and confidently prepare for the future, from real-time reporting to customer contacts.

You can easily Track your orders with our pos billing software

OrderZ POS billing software provides real time sales data

You can use our Pro tools

We create all of our products with integrated tools to help you manage your company. Our user-friendly POS software can simplify things for both your team and your customers.

Start making sales wherever your customers are.

Selling with OrderZ POS system is simple whether you're doing it in person, online, on the phone, or in the field.

  • No coding is needed to add a synchronised online store.
  • Provide shipping, local deliveries, and curbside pickup.
  • Manage all aspects of your company in one location.
Track your monthly revenue easily with orderz pos billing software analytics tool.

you can accept card transaction and get invoice bill seamlessly with pos billing software

Add The Required Tools For The Next Step.

You can easily add tools that benefit your company as your goals change, from managing team members to adding devices and locations, all with a few touches.

  • With invoices, accept payments remotely.
  • Take phone-based payments directly from your PC.
  • So you never miss a sale, sell at the counter, while you're on the go, or online.

Let your customers keep coming back..

With each card swipe, you can keep track of consumer preferences and purchases. From there, you may develop more individualised marketing campaigns.

  • Send text or email marketing campaigns that are quick and customised.
  • Keep a card on file to make checkouts quicker and simpler.
  • Present gift cards both offline and online.
Our pos billing software enables you to provide coupon, offers, gift cards for your customers

A complete POS software for your business

More than just processing payments. Everything you need to operate your business is included.

POS Product

Meet the demands of your customers

Get our POS software, keep all orders organised and in one location, from contactless takeaway and delivery to dining. To keep customers coming back, you can even set up gift cards.

POS Product

Maintain order in your team

Utilize solutions for personnel management that can handle permissions, scheduling, timecards, and tips all in one location to save time. Gain access to automated data to make wise decisions about staffing and other issues.

POS Product

No long-term responsibilities

The choice to begin using OrderZ is the simplest decision you'll make all day because there are no setup costs or long-term contracts involved.

POS Billing Software, A Way to Attract Customers

With a POS billing software system that assists your staff in developing deep customer relationships, you may convert one-time customers into life long supporters.

Fully synced features

Our features help you completely sync with your online business and will enable you to reach your goals. We understand your digital demands and created this POS software that helps you access complete order information.

Effective marketing

Gather contact information and customise marketing campaigns to distribute special offers and advance notices.

Integrated gift card

To thank customers for doing business with you online, you can offer gift cards and coupons to your customers and engage them with the help of our POS software.

POS for All Business Types


All the retail tools you require, including exchanges, inventory management, and more, for selling both online and in-person.

Food & beverage

Menus and table management are examples of front-of-house tools. Kitchen displays and delivery are examples of back-of-house tools.

Professional services

Integrated solutions that help you manage your cash flow, provide better client service, and get paid quickly.

Wherever you sell, we have POS software features for you

Provide a seamless shopping experience for your customers online using OrderZ POS software.

POS Product

Sales Reporting & Analytics

This tool shows how much money you are generating on each product in addition to keeping track of how many of your products are being sold. You may focus your time and effort by understanding which aspects of your business are the most profitable.

POS Product

Mobile/Tablet Access

With mobile and tablet POS access, you'll never feel confined to one particular location again. Your best billing software system is accessible remotely from any location.

POS Product

Live Orders notification

Create online orders, service requests, and special orders for customers directly in the system and send notification.

POS Product

Fast & Accurate Billing

It is now possible to reduce the amount of manual processes usually required to complete a transaction, improving staff performance and productivity.

POS Product

Real-time data

Your data is always accessible and updated in real time, so you always know how your business is going no matter where you are.

POS Product

Store QR builder

Store QR builder is one of its features. All types of payments are supported by the POS. A seamless upscale can be achieved by small businesses.

POS Product

Personalized branding

For greater consistency, integrate your point of sale system with your retail store's style.

POS Product

Instant transactions

Using a system that is 100 percent secure, expedite transactions and collect payments on the sales floor.

POS Product

Featured product

Customers may see your products, photos, and detailed descriptions as you stroll beside them.

POS Product

Gift cards

With gift cards, you may increase your clientele and encourage word-of-mouth advertising.

POS Product

Simple refunds

Refunds can be processed without requesting a customer's credit card again. Everything is in the system.

POS Product

24-hour phone support

Contact our customer service at any time; a Lightspeed representative is always on hand and willing to assist.

Best pos billing software that compatible with any hardware

Point-Of-Sale Product features

Our POS billing software can deliver the unique features to keep your business run efficiently. Check out our features and succeed with OrderZ.

  • Pos Billing Billing & / KDS
  • Pos Billing Order management
  • Pos Billing Delivery option
  • Pos Billing Detailed reporting
  • Pos Billing Advanced analytics
  • Pos Billing Integrated KDS
  • Pos Billing Multi Device support
  • Pos Billing 99.99% uptime

Say Goodbye To Downtime, When OrderZ’s POS Billing Software is yours.

Are you facing downtime and struggle managing your employees and bills? Now get OrderZ to keep your business running as smoothly as ever.

Without OrderZ

Everything is manual and time consuming

You will only have less ways to promote

Difficulty in managing customers and orders

Your service will be limited and don’t attract customers

You will be lacking important details

With OrderZ

Easy QR code scanning features

Manage your orders and maintain smooth workflow

Stay up to date with your order information

Do quick billing and offer gift cards

Generate reports and stay up to date

 The best pos billing software for better customer experience

A best POS billing software system that grows with you

Utilize the OrderZ POS system to combine your in-person and online sales. Obtain information about your company from a single point of view to help you work more efficiently and creatively.

Get started in a few seconds

Pos Billing

Setting up is easy

Due to the simplicity of the OrderZ POS system, you can save your time and interact more with your guests and spend less on staff training.

Pos Billing

Get technical support 24/7

You can get free email or phone help whenever you need it.

Pos Billing

Need extra help?

Get individualised in-person or online setup services; get in touch with us for more information.

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POS Service FAQ

A best billing software is a software package used to organise and run your business. Your administrative chores can be centrally managed thanks to the software, which integrates your customer service, and other departments into one programme.
When compared to the alternative of using different software to manage each location, adopting a POS is significantly more efficient and time-saving. Additionally, it can enhance customer satisfaction through effective sales programming, cut waste through computerised inventory reconciliation, provide ordering and expiration notifications, and stop theft.
No, not always. Despite the fact that there are numerous industry-specific software programmes on the market, many of them lack the functions included in a generic retail software product. A broad retail software package frequently has all the functionality of industry-specific software and much more. Consider the features you require both today and in the future.
It is possible to transfer the data into your new system if the present programme can export information,, but each situation would need to be assessed separately.
With POS billing software, it is simple to access customer information and sales statistics arranged by customer, and most systems group the data into reports with tailored categories to improve comparisons and use the information for future planning.