Improve your business efficiency with our restaurant billing software

You can grow and run your restaurant with OrderZ Restaurant billing software. It's a POS billing software designed to make every business as successful as possible for owners, staff, and diners.

Responsive POS billing software for restaurant management

Are you struggling to strengthen efficiency?

We understand that managing a business is really hard in this competitive market. You have to invest your time in multiple tasks right from billing to inventory. But with our restaurant POS software specially crafted for restaurant businesses, you can stay relaxed and count your profits peacefully.

Online ordering and delivery management system

With effective online ordering software, customers can place orders directly from your website. By using an integrated delivery management system, there is no need to manually enter delivery orders into the POS system.

Table QR and waiter ordering system

Table QR ordering makes any restaurant self-serve, without sacrificing the dining experience. A quick scan of the QR code can reduce waiting time for orders. Allow your staff to take orders from a tablet or mobile device. It syncs with the POS and sends orders directly to the kitchen.

Kitchen display and ticket print system

KDS helps to improve kitchen flow by eliminating the need for handwritten orders from waiters. Our reliable, high-speed thermal ticket printers allow you to print high-quality tickets on demand in a variety of environments.

Advanced Dashboard

You can also manage your customers with our POS billing software for restaurants and understand their interests from detailed reporting.

User Friendly

A good restaurant POS software should have an easy and comprehensive dashboard. This enables the cashier to generate bills with a minimum number of clicks.

Simple Installation

Our restaurant POS billing software will be up and running after a simple installation and login. All you need to operate it is a Windows or Mac computer.

simple-to-use restaurant POS software

One-page website template for online store

Seamless customer experience

Our restaurant POS billing provides customers with a seamless self-service experience. This gives the customer freedom of choice when placing their order.

Stay up to date with reports

View daily business reports that are automatically generated at day's end and see how your firm is going on a single business dashboard for all outlet sales.

Manage your business from one place

View detailed restaurant records, check kitchen prep times, and monitor the performance of your business in real-time.


Easy QR code scanning to help your company performs better

  • Our in-built QR scanning features will help you do the complete process within a few taps.
  • To increase staff productivity, complete simple tasks with only a few touches, such as repeat orders and real-time menu adjustments.
  • View, manage, and sync all of your POS devices with on-site, online, and delivery orders.
  • Keep track of the important metrics, such as sales and complaints, with thorough reports.
To Help Your Company Performs Better
To Help Your Company Performs Better

Add the tools you'll need for the next step

  • You can easily add tools that benefit your company as your goals change, from managing team members to adding devices and locations, all with a few touches.
  • With invoices, accept payments remotely.
  • Take phone-based payments directly from your PC.
  • Team Management allows you to schedule, oversee, and pay team members.
  • So you never miss a sale, sell at the counter, while you're on the go, or online.

More Efficiency. More Hospitality. More Covers .

All-in-one restaurant billing software solution


  • Easily process orders from many sources, including websites, applications, aggregators, and more.
  • Allow for seamless coordination between the chef and the waiter using the KOT (Kitchen Order Ticket) and KDS (Kitchen Display System), which will ensure the customer has a wonderful experience.
  • Pay numerous suppliers simultaneously, rather than waiting until the end of the month.
  • Track and monitor price combinations well across multiple payment methods, and promote your restaurant.
  • Streamline your processes and boost your revenue by using precise reports to provide you with insights that are simple to understand.
  • Utilize the information you have learned to evaluate your staff's performance and increase your restaurant's overall productivity.
Using restaurant pos, you can easily manage your customers' orders.
Accept all types of money with a swipe, tap, and pay, even when you're not connected to the internet, and never miss a transaction.

Simple way to upgrade your business

  • Accept all forms of payment with a swipe, tap, and pay, even when offline, and never miss a sale. On your behalf, we will ensure you never miss any payments with great tools.
  • You can create customized menus from anywhere and use intuitive order entry to streamline the order process.
  • Increase your customer base by using a -online ordering platform with integrations for selling on Google, Facebook, and Instagram. In order to reach customers at home, at work, or directly from the dining room of your restaurant, your website also connects with leading delivery partners.
  • By monitoring prep times, allocating orders to the appropriate workstations, and enabling customized receipt timings for maximum effectiveness, your kitchen display system powers up your restaurant.

Restaurant POS Software Features

We build Restaurant billing software designed to streamline and speed up the operation of your restaurant, exploring our features.

POS Product

Sales Reporting & Analytics

Restaurant POS billing software helps businesses to gather customer information, predict future sales trends, and change business as required.

POS Product

Mobile/Tablet Access

Allow servers to take orders more quickly, reducing queues in quick service environments. Our portable Restaurant POS systems simplify restaurant management for indoor dining, curbside dining, and more.

POS Product

Live Orders Notification

Create and send notifications to customers for online orders, service requests, and special orders from the restaurant POS.

POS Product

Fast & Accurate Billing

Restaurant billing software provides an integrated billing system that helps you generate invoices quickly and process payments smoothly without any errors.

POS Product

Real-time data

You can always access your data and get up-to-date information on how your restaurant is doing, wherever you are.

POS Product

Store QR creator

Customers can view the menu online and order quickly. By reducing staff, QR codes increase revenue.

POS Product

Personalized branding

For improved consistency, integrate your point-of-sale system into your restaurant design.

POS Product

Seamless transactions

Use a solution that is 100 % secure to speed up transactions and take payments on the restaurant.

POS Product

Featured product

Featured product sets the tone for your restaurant, whether it's an appetizer or an interior shot that reflects the ambiance of your restaurant.

POS Product

Easy refunds

Refunds can be made without resorting to the customer's credit card once again. Almost everything is on the computer.

POS Product

Payment methods

Offer your customers an easy payment method that makes them comfortable with multiple payment methods such as bank transfers or other popular payment streams.

POS Product

Gifts cards

Gift cards make it easy to promote your business online and attract new customers.

POS software for Restaurants to meet digital demands

You may turn one-time clients into ardent supporters by using Restaurant billing software that helps your personnel build strong customer relationships.

Pos Billing

Fully synced customer profiles

Instant Restaurant billing software access to order history, lifetime expenditure, and other information allow for individualized interactions.

Pos Billing

Effective marketing

For the purpose of distributing promotional offers and advance notices, collecting contact information, and tailoring marketing campaigns.

Pos Billing

Integrated loyalty programs

Integrate loyalty apps into your Restaurant billing software to thank clients for their business both in-person and online.

With your restaurant pos software, enhance the shopping experience for customers.
Orderz dashboard outlet for restaurant pos software

A POS Built For Every Restaurant Type

We do more than just process payments. You'll find everything you need to run your restaurant here.

You can manage the daily operations of your restaurant with the help of OrderZ restaurant POS software

Meet your customers’ needs

Keep all orders organized and in one location, from contactless takeaway and delivery to in-restaurant dining. To keep customers coming back, set up gift cards and loyalty schemes.

Pos Billing

Keep your team organized

Utilize time-saving technologies for employee management that are designed to handle schedules, timecards, bonuses, and permissions all in one location. Get automated analytics to assist in making wise decisions about staffing and other issues.

Pos Billing

No long-term commitments

The choice to begin using OrderZ is the simplest decision you'll make all day because there are no installation costs or long-term contracts involved.

You can manage the daily operations of your restaurant with the help of OrderZ restaurant POS software.

Restaurant POS System For New Age Entrepreneurs

Manage your restaurant's daily operations with OrderZ Restaurant POS software

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POS Service FAQ

A best billing software is a software package used to organise and run your business. Your administrative chores can be centrally managed thanks to the software, which integrates your customer service, and other departments into one programme.
When compared to the alternative of using different software to manage each location, adopting a POS is significantly more efficient and time-saving. Additionally, it can enhance customer satisfaction through effective sales programming, cut waste through computerised inventory reconciliation, provide ordering and expiration notifications, and stop theft.
No, not always. Despite the fact that there are numerous industry-specific software programmes on the market, many of them lack the functions included in a generic retail software product. A broad retail software package frequently has all the functionality of industry-specific software and much more. Consider the features you require both today and in the future.
It is possible to transfer the data into your new system if the present programme can export information,, but each situation would need to be assessed separately.
With POS billing software, it is simple to access customer information and sales statistics arranged by customer, and most systems group the data into reports with tailored categories to improve comparisons and use the information for future planning.