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Grow your business efficiently with our best POS software for retails. It aims to make every business successful for owners, employees, and customers.

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Manage Stores with OrderZ retail POS Software

In today's competitive industry, we are fully aware of the challenges that may arise in managing a retail store. OrderZ retail POS system provides complete business management from the sales process to customer checkout. Also, increase your revenue with our best retail POS software specially designed for retail stores.


Retail POS Software - The Right Choice

  • Signup with us to use our POS software for retails in India for easy management to maintain all your store information.
  • Simple invoicing can reduce your load by 50%. And, manage your bills and invoices effortlessly.
  • A key feature of our Retail POS software is fast revenues.
  • With OrderZ retail Retail POS software, you can manage your orders and gain insights through user-friendly reports.

User Friendly

Your user experience gets improved with a simple design, which focuses mainly on basic things, like your sales and services in your retail shop.


Simple Installation

After a quick installation and login, our Retail POS software will be ready to operate. with either a Windows / Mac computer device or even on mobiles/tablets.


One-page website template for online store

Hassle free management

No complexity in using our retail POS software. Also, save customer data, recover reports, and punch orders.

Stay Up-To-Date

View automatically generated store reports daily, at the end of each day to gain insight into how your business is doing across all its outlets.

POS-Goods and Services Tax

GST-enabled POS software is an all-in-one solution retail businesses. The POS system enables you to control sales, client loyalty, and GST.


One-stop shop management

OrderZ retail POS software is a one-stop managing tool designed to help you handle your retail shop without affecting your profit


Retail POS Software That Has More Efficiency, More Hospitality, and More Functionality.

One-page website template for online store

QR Scanning to improve store performance

  • Using our integrated QR scanning tools, you may finish the procedure in a few clicks.
  • Increase efficiency by completing simple tasks with a few taps, such as repeat orders.
  • See, manage, and sync all your POS devices with in-person, online, and delivery orders.
  • Keep track of important metrics like sales and complaints with in-depth reports.

Get all your required tools

As your goals change, it's easy to add tools that help your business from managing store memberships to adding pricing features and locations.

  • Accept payments remotely for invoices.
  • Accept phone-based payments directly from your computer.
  • Schedule, manage and pay team members with team Management.
  • Don't miss out on sales whether you're online or out.


  • Handle orders from multiple sources, aggregators, websites, apps, and more.
  • Pay multiple workers at once instead of waiting until the end of the month.
  • Promote your retail shop, track and keep an eye on pricing varieties for various payment methods.
  • Enhance your processes and boost your income by using accurate reports to give you clear insights.
  • Use the data you have got to evaluate your employee's productivity and increase the total production of your retail store.
Pos Billing
Pos Billing

Easy method to enhance your Business

  • Accepting every type of payment with a swipe, tap, and pay. Even when offline, ensures that you never miss a transaction.
  • We use the best tools to make sure you don't miss a payment .
  • Make sales online, cut your client’s waiting time the counters, and offer hassle-free home delivery.
  • To increase your customer base, use an online ordering system that interfaces with Google, Facebook, and Instagram. Reach your clients directly to their homes or place of work, by sending your website link.
  • Multiple things can be easily stocked rack by rack, making it easier to identify which item is kept where when invoicing occurs. Maintain & Generate Rack-wise Stock Reports.

Features Of Retail POS Software

Make automate processes, improve your business plans, and expand your business with the help of these features.

POS Product

Sales Reporting & Analytics

You can make better decisions with sales reporting and analytics that provide insight into customer behavior. Knowing where your business allows you to focus your time and effort.

POS Product

Mobile/Tablet Access

All retail industries are becoming capable of accepting mobile payments with a mobile device. This makes it possible for customers to receive receipts instantly.

POS Product

Store QR creator

A store QR builder is just one of its features. Any form of payment is permitted at the retail POS system. Small enterprises are capable of upgrading smoothly.

POS Product

Notification of Live Orders

Make and send alerts to customers for online orders, service requests, and special orders.

POS Product

Accurate & Quick Billing

Manual interception is less with our retail POS software which leads to less burden on workers by giving accurate & quick billing.

POS Product

Live information

Access your data and get up-to-date information on how your company is doing wherever you are.

POS Product

Individual branding

For enhanced consistency, integrate your point of sale system with the layout of your retail area.

POS Product

A seamless transaction

A solution that is 100 percent secure is needed to expedite transactions and collect payment on the storefront which can be rest assured with our retail pos software.

POS Product

Highlighted product

Clients may see your products, pictures, and in-depth explanations of your products, while you walk beside them.

POS Product

Gift cards

Create gift cards and advertise your company online. This will bring you more new clients.

POS Product

Easy refunds

Refunds may be handled without seeking the customer's credit card repeatedly. Almost everything is in the system.

POS Product

24-hour telephone support

Contact our customer service at any time; a Lightspeed representative is always on hand and willing to assist.

Pos Billing

24-hour telephone support

Anytime you need assistance, you can get in touch with a Lightspeed assistant; they are always available.

Pos Billing

Services like email and chat

No time for a call, Alright Contact us or send a message in the chat window and we will respond to your inquiries.

A Retail POS Software That Fulfills Your fulfill online needs

Turn your one-time buyers into long-term consumers by using our retail POS system key that helps enhance buyer links for your business.

Pos Billing

Save customer data

Using Retail POS system track customers’ transaction history, life-long buys, and other data with secure protection.

Pos Billing

Efficient advertising

Collect contact data and create bespoke marketing campaigns to spread promotional offers and send earlier notices.

Pos Billing

Provide Gift cards

Use our POS software for retails in India to integrate gift cards or coupons and show your gratitude to online customers.

OrderZ Retail POS Software: The Best Fit For All Retails

We do more than process payments. Here you will find everything you need to handle your retail store.

Pos Billing

Fulfill the Customers’ Demands

All orders need to be organized from direct purchase to contactless delivery. Offer gift cards to keep customers coming back.

Pos Billing

Organize your

Use time-saving management tools for staff that can handle scheduling, timecards, rewards, and approvals all in one place.

Pos Billing

No long-term commitment

With no setup costs, choosing to start using OrderZ is the better choice that you will ever make for your business success.

Pos Billing

Advanced Retail POS Billing software

With this retail POS system, it is easy to handle the day-to-day operations of your retail store.

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FAQ for Retail POS Software

OrderZ Retail POS Software is specifically designed for all retail businesses. It helps retailers manage their sales, customer data, reports, etc.
Yes, it is suitable for a wide range of retail businesses. It can be used in a variety of industries, including fashion, electronics, food and beverage, and many more.
Yes, Our POS Software for retails is designed to be user-friendly and easy to navigate. Hence, it has a simple and intuitive user interface.
Yes, it can be used on various devices, like computers, laptops, mobile phones, and tablets. This makes it easy for retailers to manage their business from anywhere, at any time.
Yes, our POS software for retail can be integrated with existing hardware devices easily. This enables retailers to save money and streamline their business efficiency.
Yes. Our Retails POS System supports an online ordering facility and helps retailers track orders, accept payments, and manage it all from one place.
OrderZ POS Software for retails will accept all types of payments like credit cards, debit cards, hand-in cash, UPI payments, etc.