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Sell your clothes online with OrderZ

Choose the best website builder for a clothing brand that integrates seamlessly with your online store and has all the features you need to sell clothes online.

Step 1

Choose your template

Enter your store information to start creating a clothing store website. For online registration and apparel sales, enter your name and contact details.

Improve your customers' shopping experience with your fashion website.

Step 2

Set up your clothing store website

Entering your own domain name and uploading your company logo will help you promote your online clothing store and increase clothes sales. Make sure your online clothing store is in the right place so customers can find it.

Add your clothes to start selling clothes online.

Step 3

Add your products and plugins

Add multiple cloth items to your clothing store website. Install a few key plugins to help you promote your online clothing store and sell clothes online using our top-rated website builder.

share your online clothing store on social media to reach more audience.

Step 4

Start selling

Since this is the first thing visitors see when they enter your online clothing store, write some description about it. You can sell clothes online by adding multiple images of clothes, choosing a store theme, and adding payment options.

Build responsive clothing website for  your clothing store.

Enticing themes to enhance your online clothing store

Give your customers a unique experience at your clothes store to make it stand out. We offer this in order to provide your customers with the best shopping experience.

Everything you need to easily sell clothes online

Expand your clothing business online with the help of OrderZ Clothing website builder. Use powerful, integrated eCommerce features that are completely user-friendly and require no technical skills.

Simple setup

OrderZ makes starting your online clothing store as easy as possible. Starting your own online store is easy with our clothing website Builder to easily sell clothes online.

Setting up a clothing store is a simple process.

Offer a coupon for your customers by using clothing website.

Every feature you need

All the eCommerce features required to launch, manage, and expand an online fashion store are available in OrderZ. Starting an online clothing store with OrderZ is now simpler than ever, regardless of whether you are an established company or a startup.

Potential for all business models

OrderZ offers a large selection of ready-made business templates to help you quickly launch your online clothing store. Instead of wasting time on irrelevant things, focus on essential things like growing your customer base.

All type of template are available for your clothing store.

reach more customers for your clothing store.

Easily get new customers

Starting an online clothing store is the first step to easily sell clothes online. OrderZ Clothing Website Builder helps you grow your business by seamlessly integrating with other services to help bring in, engage and satisfy more customers.

Device compatibility

You can effortlessly manage your online clothing store with OrderZ from anywhere at any time. Receive orders, add products, accept payments, and manage on-site delivery with ease using your mobile devices.

operate your online clothing store from anywhere at any time.

You can update your price, offers anytime in your clothing website


With OrderZ, you can run a fully professional eCommerce business for minimal money. You no longer need to spend your money to create a website to sell clothes online.

OrderZ features to boost your Clothing website

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Advanced search filter

Advanced filter options are essential resources for finding fashion products that meet the needs of your target market. Customers can use a simple search function to sort and filter their desired products.

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Live order notifications

It sends you a notification alert as soon as when a customer places an order, so you don't miss any sales and can ensure on-time delivery.

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Orders history

Reports and dashboards in our clothing store website builder enable you to track order history and better understand your customers.

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Get orders directly

Allow your customers to order directly from your website and send email confirmations to keep them updated.

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Share it on social media

Use shareable links to promote your clothing store on various social media networks. This strategy will help you increase sales and attract new customers.

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Payment gateway provider

Make the payment according to your customer's choice. Customers can pay you quickly and easily using OrderZ's secure payment methods.

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Online Clothing Shop FAQ

Online clothing and apparel shopping are the biggest industries to emerge in recent years. Having a clothing website not only makes you more profitable but also ensures easy shopping for your customers. With a dedicated eCommerce for your own brand, you can run your fashion store without any constraints by reducing your dependence on other platforms.
You can easily build your clothing website on our no-code eCommerce platform. It only takes a few minutes for the website to go live. When you register on the OrderZ website, you can easily start your online store in simple steps.
You may allow your consumers to pay at their convenience with the OrderZ clothing website builder. Additionally, you may accept offline payments through your online business, including checks, bank transfers, in-person payments, and more. All of this ensures that your fashion website offers a very user-friendly experience to your clients.
OrderZ clothing website builder can be used to offer a wide range of products with different colors, sizes, and other variations of the same product. Our product page's user-friendly layout makes it easy to provide all the important details about your products in one place, giving your customers the overview they need at all times.