Best Takeaway POS software to grow your sales

OrderZ Takeaway POS is specially designed to provide high-speed service to your clients in today’s industry. Takeaway POS software helps to reduce costs, improve client insight and boost sales.

With a responsive website, managing your restaurant's POS takeaway system is simple.

Smoothly control your business with Takeaway POS software

OrderZ takeaway POS software is a full package for handling your firm. It is a new generation cloud-based online order integration system running on Android devices. With a takeaway POS system, you can smoothly control your online package orders from better apps and websites on a single device and print now.

Takeaway POS software will help you manage your business.
QR code solutions integrated into mobile-friendly takeaway pos software
  • Handle all delivery operations in one zone while taking orders.
  • Save costs by reaching delivery partner charges.
  • Reach starving clients from multiple zones.
  • Avoid paying app charges from third parties to save cash.
  • Provide your clients with a unique digital venture.
  • Use deals, offers, bonuses, or extra service charges during checkout.

Easy to use.

Takeaway POS plan gives users the freedom to configure the app based on their needs and business model, making this broad takeaway software easy to use.

Strong Online Sight

In the digital globe, having a strong online fact is important. By using the latest technologies, you can streamline business operations and improve your online sight.

 Easy-to-use POS takeaway software with responsive designs.

With pos takeaway software, tracking your orders is simple.

Cost efficiency

Gains visibility, grows productivity, and reduces cost. To save time, cut down on waste, and control stock-cash flow, use our new takeaway POS.

Easily handle your business

Training employees in minutes and managing all including sales, stock, and employees in one plan, free from any zone and device.

Provides delivery and supply

Takeaway POS may link all orders and deliver them now to your kitchen with the help of mobile ordering devices and connectivity with online ordering.

Clients engagement

Build strong links with your customer by showing faith in plans. You can set personalized profiles to keep picks and send trade contacts with unique offers and news messages.

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Enhance Business efficiency with simple QR code scanning

  • The plan can be completed in just a few clicks using our built-in QR scanning abilities.
  • Reduce the number of clicks needed to meet easy actions such as repeat orders.
  • Every POS device you own can be viewed, handled, and synced with offline, online, and delivery orders.
  • Track significant data, such as sales and complaints, with thorough news.
QR code solutions for POS takeaway.
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Everything you need in one package

Our takeaway POS system gives you all the resources you need to adapt, reach new clients, improve profits, and be prepared for the future.

  • Quickly set up, onboard, and train staff.
  • On the go, you can use any device to get your business insights.
  • Real-time reporting on personnel, clients, sales, profits, and stock levels.
  • Use alone or integrate with hundreds of applications with payment systems, accounting software, and more.

The touch screen POS plan includes a cash drawer and printer, all you need to run your takeaway business.


  • Reduce running costs and determine choices for gain by using trade-leading reporting and control tools.
  • Identify your best-selling things and Less efficient things to improve your menu choices.
  • Set on famous takeout orders and Gain, add, and clear menu things.
  • Near handle containers and packaging and track waste through clear order records.
  • Use the strength of famous study tools to track margins and streamline your daily control processes.
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Customers receiving rewards from the shop

Motivate staff to provide Exceptional client service

Give your workers the tools they need to delight clients and inspire return visits.

  • Create reward and loyalty programs to encourage return visits.
  • Offer exclusive discounts and rewards to your best clients.
  • Attach pictures and notes to menu items so the staff can provide fast and exact answers to questions.
  • Use simple methods to ensure fast service even at peak times.

Features of Takeaway POS software

With the help of OrderZ Takeaway POS goods, you can optimize procedures, improve firm plans and grow your business.

POS Product

Sales Reporting & Data Analytics

Analyze the best-selling products report set by Takeaway POS Software to gain insight into your daily sales ways and client needs.

POS Product

Order taking in mobile devices

Receive orders from clients or food delivery people by using mobile devices and then send them to the kitchen. Use the Takeaway POS system to turn the order into an invoice once the food is prepared and delivered.

POS Product

Different price-lists

Takeaway POS systems help clients and external delivery services support pricing policies if your firm offers different price lists for the same menu things.

POS Product

Real-time inventory

When taking orders, the takeaway POS software shows whether any menu item is out of stock or has already run out. This streamlines the ordering process for the assistant at the takeaway desk.

POS Product

Kitchen Display system

Digital display of orders makes chefs' work easier. Once the food is prepared, a tap on the screen closes a KOT and reports to the counter that the food is ready at the takeaway POS system.

POS Product

Payment plan and status

Any type of payment plan offered by the client is accepted by this takeaway POS system. Also, it records payment status from delivery services or external applications.

POS Product

Table management using KOT

With accurate and quick control over tables, the number of seated guests, staff serving them, table-wise order summary, order duration, initiate KOT, prompt billing, and more.

POS Product

Accurate & Quick Billing

The best billing software is designed to make restaurant control faster, easier, and more accurate.

POS Product

Store QR creator

A store QR builder is just one of its parts. Any form of payment is allowed at the takeaway POS. Small firms are skilled in boosting smoothly.

POS Product

Social media integration

Create campaigns to connect with your local clients to grow store visits and deals.

POS Product

Easy refunds

Refunds can be made without resorting to the customer's credit card once again. All the data is on the computer.

POS Product

Payment techniques

Offering multiple payment choices helps you to give a better shopping experience for your customers.

Takeaway POS software to fulfill online needs

When you use takeaway POS software in your trade, you can build strong client relationships. Our takeaway POS machines provide the appropriate hardware for your business to meet your needs.

Pos Billing

Fully synchronized client profiles

Takeaway POS software boosts instant access to buy history, lifetime cost, and other data, enabling personalized interactions.

Pos Billing

Effective marketing

Distribute promotional offers, send out alerts in advance, gather contact information, and create specialized marketing initiatives.

Pos Billing

Provide Gift cards

Send rewards and SMS greetings to clients, promote discounts on their birthdays, and stay linked with personalized physical and digital gift cards for your trade.

Improve the customer shopping experience with your online store.
Orderz dashboard outlet for takeaway pos software.

All takeaway businesses can use our POS software

Here's everything you need to run your takeaway firm successfully.

Pos Billing

Satisfy your client's needs

Organize all orders, including takeaway, contactless deliveries, and in-store trades. You can create rewards and loyalty plans to retain clients using OrderZ Takeaway POS software.

Pos Billing

Organize your team

Takeaway POS software contributes to your firm in all parts like handling kitchen orders, creating attractive deals for existing and new clients, tracking stock levels, and handling multiple online orders from a single screen.

Pos Billing

No long-term commitment

Starting with OrderZ Takeaway POS is the right choice for you to make because there are no set-up fees or duties.

restaurant pos takeaway software provies 24/7 customer support.

24-hour telephone support

Have a question or a technical glitch? Day or night, you always need someone to call.

restaurant pos takeaway software provides 24/7 email support.

Services like email and chat

No time for a call, right? 24-hour client support is available and is provided via phone, live chat, or email.

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POS Service FAQ

A best billing software is a software package used to organise and run your business. Your administrative chores can be centrally managed thanks to the software, which integrates your customer service, and other departments into one programme.
When compared to the alternative of using different software to manage each location, adopting a POS is significantly more efficient and time-saving. Additionally, it can enhance customer satisfaction through effective sales programming, cut waste through computerised inventory reconciliation, provide ordering and expiration notifications, and stop theft.
No, not always. Despite the fact that there are numerous industry-specific software programmes on the market, many of them lack the functions included in a generic retail software product. A broad retail software package frequently has all the functionality of industry-specific software and much more. Consider the features you require both today and in the future.
It is possible to transfer the data into your new system if the present programme can export information,, but each situation would need to be assessed separately.
With POS billing software, it is simple to access customer information and sales statistics arranged by customer, and most systems group the data into reports with tailored categories to improve comparisons and use the information for future planning.