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OrderZ helps you to start your store in minutes and sell electronics online after uploading your products and categories. Get your unique store and reach more customers to expand your sales.

sell your electronic products on an electronic website builder.

We help to build a new world for your electronic products

OrderZ is a one-stop destination for all of your eCommerce needs. Everything from order management to payment processing is covered. Sell your electronic products anywhere by starting your electronic store with OrderZ.

Step 1

Choose your template

To start your online electronic store first, choose one of our store templates created by designers. Using a few clicks, you can customize and arrange your content with our powerful drag-and-drop builder.

With a great online electronics store, you may improve your customers' buying experience.

Step 2

Add your products

Now you start adding your products to your electronics store. You may create several categories to upload the product specifications, view orders, add discounts, warranty, and many other things.

add your electronics on your website.

Step 3

Share your online electronic store

You should reach as many people as possible with your products. Our online electronic store builder offers a unique Url for you. Encourage your customers to share across social media networks.

Electronic store builders provide URLs to sharing on social media

Step 4

Start selling

After you've created your online electronic store, test and assess the site. After connecting a payment method you can start selling your electronic products online.

Start selling your electronic products online.

Electronic website templates to shine your business

This template is ideal for creating the best electronic website that will stand out. It is bright, and eye-catching, and visitors will remember it.

Do you think an online electronic store would be a good fit for your business?

It's a great idea to expand your business online with an online store.

Very Simple to set up

OrderZ wants to make starting an online electronic store as easy as possible for everyone. Starting your online store is easy. As soon as you register with us, you should be prepared to go.

Your website is ready to take product orders.

Electronics website with customer coupon option.

All features you need

OrderZ makes it simpler than ever to launch an online store, whether you're launching a brand-new company or running an established one. Every eCommerce tool that you might need for starting, running, and growing an online store is available in OrderZ.

Supports all business models

Whether you are an established company or a new startup, OrderZ offers a wide range of ready-made business templates to help you effectively launch your online electronics business. Instead of wasting time on trivial concerns, put your attention toward more significant things, like growing your customer base.

ready-made templates for electrical products.

Expand your website by providing extra information to customers about electronic devices.

Easily bring new clients

The first step is to open an electronic store online. OrderZ goes all in and helps you grow your business by effortlessly connecting with other services that will help you attract more customers, engage with them, and keep them happy.

You may run your shop from anywhere

With OrderZ, you can easily manage your online electronic store whenever you want, from anywhere. Accept orders, add products, manage payments, and arrange delivery easily by accessing with your smartphone.

With an online electronic store, you may manage your business from anywhere.

update price and offer for your product at any time.

Loaded with features, but affordably priced

For a fraction of the cost of maintaining your website, OrderZ offers all the tools needed to run a fully complete, trendy online store for eCommerce. You don't need to drain your savings to launch an online business today.

OrderZ’s Features to create your Online Electronic store

Restaurant website creator
Advanced Filter Option

You have hundreds of items in your online electronic store. With a simple search function, your customers may sort and filter products.

Restaurant website creator
Order Alert Notifications

You can’t miss out on orders anymore. When a customer places an order, you will receive instant information to ensure on-time delivery.

Restaurant website creator
Get your orders history

We offer reports and dashboards that allow you to see the order history for your electronic products and learn more about your customers.

Restaurant website creator
Take orders directly

Keep customers updated by allowing them to place orders on your website and sending them an email confirmation.

Restaurant website creator
Share it across social platforms

Use shareable links to promote websites across several social media networks. This strategy will help you acquire new customers and increase your sales.

Restaurant website creator
Manage your phone orders

An online electronic business may manage orders on the go and maintain updated order information by using mobile phones.

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Online Electronic Store Builder FAQ

No, Orderz does not charge you any kind of commission for your orders.
It will take only a few minutes for the website to go live. When you register on orderz website, our experienced team will contact you via call and help you to start your online electronic store.
Yes, Orderz works with projects of all scales. In fact, many companies we’ve been working with for many years started as small and help to become large-scale businesses.
Yes, our customer service team is available 24/7 to answer your queries. In addition to phone support, you can contact us via email or live chat.