Create a unique catalog with Orderz's digital catalog maker

Showcase your stunning product with OrderZ’s digital catalog maker. It boosts your sales and reduces your costs. An interactive online solution for product sales will help you reach more buyers and grow your firm to the next level.

Product display on digital catalogue.
Insert images into your website by dragging and dropping them.
Multiple images

Use our simple digital catalog maker to create, edit and import your products and images. Then quickly add them to your template.

post videos on social media to reach more audience.
Add Videos

The better you present your products, the more likely people will want to buy. Add YouTube and Instagram videos to the list.

options to add to cart in the digital catalog creator.
Online ordering

Run orders from your list. Set up an online ordering form for your products. In your catalog, you can take orders and accept payments.

Future of online shopping with OrderZ's digital catalog maker

Customers should enjoy their shopping without having to deal with long checkout lines and out-of-stock goods. OrderZ's online catalog maker makes it quick and easy to create and distribute your next product catalog.

Step 1

Choose your Template

To quickly create your catalog design, select from a variety of professionally designed catalog templates.

Show casing furniture products on website.

Step 2

Add Product details

Make your new product catalog unique. Add your custom colors and logotype, or pick a design from a variety of catalog templates.

Add multiple products using digital catalogue.

Step 3

Add Highlights

Include animated, customized highlights with galleries of images and videos showing each of your products. For faster sales, include links to your product details webpage.

digital catalog with responsive designs.

Step 4

Share it online

You can share your digital catalog with as many people as you like. Send it as a direct link, post it on social media, or embed it on a website.

Use social media to promote your products and draw customers.

Easy-to-use template to create an online catalog

Create your digital catalog with OrderZ's easy-to-use template and give buyers what they want. With hundreds of templates at your fingertips, you can easily create your desired catalog. Each template can be fully altered to make it more unique and is made to fit perfectly on every device screen. Select your desired templates and start selling online.

Best Catalog builder to simplify your buyer’s journey

The best online catalog solution for marketers and companies to create, sell, pay for and measure content.

Responsive design

Regardless of screen size, our catalog opens instantly and looks great on all browsers and devices. All devices and browsers can show your online catalog without losing its quality.

Listing of products in a digital catalog.

Digital catalog for jewelry shop.

Inspiring online product catalogs

Grow your firm to new heights with OrderZ. It offers an all-in-one solution for creating a beautiful and engaging digital catalog. You can publish your digital catalog widely online so that more buyers can reach your product catalogs.

Branding - Grow your business

Show your brand to the visitors by adding a company logo to the page and toolbar. It's about engaging your target market to make sure people are not only aware of your brand, and also interested in it.

Analyze your audience using digital catalog.

showcasing your product on social media to promote your jewelry store.

Promote your catalog on social media platforms

Social sharing is the most important part of business growth. It helps to generate site traffic and achieve sales goals. It not only gives you credibility with people and more traffic but also boosts inbound links, which raise the page rank.

What you get with OrderZ digital catalog maker

Restaurant website creator
Simple search option

With OrderZ, use the featured text search to find the product. Additionally, simple page navigation makes it easy to reach the page of your choice.

Restaurant website creator
Bulk uploads

You get multiple product uploads at once, which is OrderZ's unique feature in the market.

Restaurant website creator
Direct link or URL

With OrderZ, you can send your customers a direct link. Your content will open instantly on any device, regardless of catalog size.

Restaurant website creator
Device compatibility

Anyone can use the OrderZ digital catalog on their phone or tablet. Your digital catalog look and work well on any device, so you can impress your customers from the first page.

Restaurant website creator
Easy navigation

With our interactive table of contents, your customers will find the information they need in seconds. There is also a smart search tool and thumbnails for easy navigation.

Restaurant website creator
SEO Optimization

To help search engines find your catalog online, you can increase your online traffic by using our search engine optimization option.

Features to create an online ordering platform

Restaurant website creator
Interactive accessibility

Create your catalog to ensure your content is open to anyone and on any device. Clients can access your details equally on screen readers, desktop computers, and mobile devices.

Restaurant website creator
Set up online ordering and online payments

Allow customers to order straight from your catalog online. This significantly speeds up the entire online ordering process. Allow your customers to easily make orders and payments on the website.

Restaurant website creator
Device compatibility

With OrderZ's HTML5 technology, you can allow readers to view catalogs on Android tablets, Android phones, and other mobile devices.

Restaurant website creator
Responsive design

Create a digital catalog that best suits your readers' device, browser, and operating system with our unique reader interface.

Restaurant website creator
Google Analytics integration

Setting up integration with Google Analytics is quite easy. Keep track of how people interact with your content to understand who your audience is.

Restaurant website creator
Share your digital catalog

Easily share your digital catalog with OrderZ's digital catalog features. Your product listing will instantly show up on your customer's device with a single click.

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Digital Catalog Maker FAQ

To begin, select a suitable template for the catalog. After that, adjust the text, colors, and photos of the product using our editor. Once your list is complete, you can publish it online.
Although we don't offer a free plan, we do offer a free trial. All features are accessible during the trial except the custom domain. No credit cards are required.
Your digital catalog will be perfectly optimized by OrderZ for mobile access and usability. We guarantee that viewing will be clear and user-friendly on all popular devices.
When compared to other options, OrderZ allows you to create your digital catalog for prices as low as a cup of coffee.
Yes, our customer support team is available 24/7 to answer your questions. In addition to calling for help, you can contact us via email or live chat.