Easily launch your furniture store in a few clicks

Create your online Furniture and home decor store to increase your sales with a solid web presence. You can create your Online Furniture store instantly and start selling online.

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Sell your beautifully crafted furniture online

Sell your Furniture and home Decor products online with OrderZ eCommerce solution. You can quickly sell Furniture online without coding knowledge.

Step 1

Choose your Template

To get started, enter your information to create an online store for Furniture and home decor. Enter your name and contact information to register your online furniture store.

Stunning furniture website will enhance the shopping experience for your customers

Step 2

Set up your online furniture store

To promote your furniture and home decor, typing in your own domain name and uploading your company logo makes selling furniture and home decor easy. Provide a suitable location for your online store so that customers can easily find your furniture store.

Add furniture to your online furniture store

Step 3

Add your products and plugins

Add your crafted furniture products to your online store. Install some important plugins so that you can promote your online furniture and home decor store with the help of our best online store.

Promote your online store on social media by adding a domain link

Step 4

Start selling

Since this is the first thing visitors see when entering your furniture and home decor website, write some information about it. You can sell furniture online by adding furniture items, choosing a store theme, and adding payment options.

Promote your online store on social media by adding a domain link

Elegant And Decorative Website Templates

Create an online store with the best template solution that matches your online Furniture store. You can create your online store in a few minutes with the best eCommerce website templates.

Benefits of having online Furniture and home decor store

Having an online store is the best way to expand your business with the best online presence.

Instant setup

OrderZ helps to create the perfect eCommerce solution instantly for your Online Furniture store. Use the OrderZ eCommerce platform to quickly register and sell furniture online.

easily set up an online furniture store

Start selling your furniture online with a coupon code.

Desired features

OrderZ offers an eCommerce solution with all the features you need to easily start, run, and manage your online Furniture store. You can launch your online Furniture store even if you are an established company or newly started.

Suitable for every business

OrderZ offers a wide range of pre-built templates that helps you to easily start your online store whether you are a newly started or established one. Save more time when creating your online Furniture and home decor store and focus on growing your business.

best ready-made furniture store templates

Expand your customer base by opening an online furniture store.

Customer Engagement

After launching your online furniture store, OrderZ helps you to reach more customers by integrating with some marketing services. It helps to quickly sell furniture online to keep your customers more satisfied.

Control management

You can easily manage your online store from wherever you are with OrderZ. Manage and control your online furniture store like accepting an order, payment processes, delivery management, etc. by using mobile devices.

With mobile, you can easily manage a furniture store from anywhere.

Enable and disable the option to easily manage your stocks.

More Features at affordable prices

OrderZ helps to easily run your online Furniture store by providing desired features related to your business. You can easily manage your own online store with cost-effective features.

Increase your sales with OrderZ features

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Advanced Filter Option

You have a huge variety of products in your online Furniture and home decor store. By using a simple search function, customers can sort and filter your products easily.

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Order Alert Notifications

To ensure on-time delivery to your customers by receiving order notifications instantly when a customer places an order.

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Get your orders history

Our in-depth dashboards present valuable data insights like your furniture store's best-selling items and sales trends. Utilize this useful knowledge to plan your online store's growth and easily sell furniture online.

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Take orders directly

Update customers by allowing them to place orders on your eCommerce website and send an email confirmation.

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Share it across social platforms

To promote your network on multiple social media platforms by using shareable links. You can acquire new customers and increase your sales with help of this strategy.

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Payment Gateway provider

Allow customers to make instant payments in your online furniture store with the best payment gateway provider. Allow credit card or debit card payments for a seamless shopping experience.

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Online Furniture Store Builder FAQ

No, Orderz does not charge you any kind of commission for your orders.
It will take only a few minutes for the website to go live. When you registered on orderz website, our experienced team will contact you via call and helps you to start your online furniture store.
OrderZ makes your online furniture store properly optimized for ease to use and mobile access. We can assure you of proper viewing across all major devices and becomes user-friendly.
Yes, Orderz works with projects of all scales. In fact, many companies we’ve been working with for many years started as small and help to become large-scale businesses.
Yes, our customer service team is available 24/7 to answer your queries. In addition to phone support, you can contact us via email or live chat.