Best POS software for Cafe

With the help of OrderZ Cafe POS billing software, you may expand and manage your coffee shop business. It's intended to make every firm as successful as it can be for the owners, employees, and customers.

Best user-friendly cafe POS software.

Why your Cafe needs OrderZ POS Software?

We are mindful of how challenging business management may be in today's fierce marketplace. From billing, there are numerous tasks that demand your attention. But with our cafe POS system, you can relax and count your profits in peace.

  • Simply register with us and maintain all of your store information on hand to use our cafe POS system for easy management.
  • Simple invoicing can ease your load by 50%. Use the best coffee shop billing software, so you can easily manage your bills and invoices.
  • You can handle all of your payments in one location with our coffee shop billing system.
  • Our cafe billing software also allows you to manage your orders and gain insight through reporting.
man manage his cafe billing on tablet device
user friendly software with response design.

User Friendly

A simple, basic design guarantees enhancing user experience, allowing you to focus on crucial elements, such as your food and service.


Simple Installation

After a quick installation and login, our Cafe billing software will be operational. It can be used with either a Windows or Mac computer.

Hassle free management

You'll always be able to use our Cafe POS system without any complex coding. Customer data can be easily saved, reports can be retrieved, and orders can be punched in.


Stay up to date with reports

To obtain a glimpse of how your business is doing across all of its outlets, check daily business reports that are automatically generated at the day's end with our coffee shop billing software.

POS cafe orderz dashboard outlet.

More Efficiency. More Hospitality. More Covers .

All-in-one cafe POS software solution

One-stop business management

View complete cafe records, look up kitchen prep times, and keep an eye on your company's success in real-time.

Simple QR code scanning to improve business performance

  • You may complete the process in a few taps with the aid of our built-in QR scanning features.
  • Complete straightforward activities with only a few touches, such as repeat orders and real-time menu revisions, to boost efficiency.
  • All of your POS devices can be viewed, managed, and synced with in-person, online, and delivery orders.
  • Use detailed reports to keep track of crucial indicators like sales and complaints.
your cafe shop now ready on online
man making a coffee for orders

Get all the tools you'll need

As your objectives change, it's simple to add tools that help your business, from managing team members to adding devices and locations, with just a few clicks.

  • Accept payments remotely for invoices.
  • Directly accept phone-based payments from your computer.
  • You may schedule, manage, and compensate team members with team management.
  • Thus, while you're out, or online, you never miss a sale.


  • Easily handle orders from a variety of sources, including aggregators, websites, apps, and more.
  • Use our cafe POS system for flawless coordination, ensuring the consumer has a pleasant experience at your coffee shop.
  • Instead of waiting until the end of the month, pay many suppliers at once.
  • Track and keep an eye on price combinations for various payment methods while promoting your Cafe.
  • By employing accurate reports to give you clear insights, you may streamline your operations and increase your revenue.
  • Make use of the knowledge you have gained to assess the productivity of your personnel and raise the overall output of your Cafe.
man managing his café billing using tablet
pos cafe system with QR code solution

Easy method to improve your Business

  • Never miss a sale by accepting all kinds of payment with a swipe, tap, and pay, even when offline.
  • Using excellent tools, we will make sure you never miss a payment on your behalf.
  • The ordering process can be streamlined by using straightforward order entry and customized menus that can be created from any location.
  • Utilize an online ordering system that integrates with Google, Facebook, and Instagram to expand your consumer base. Your website also links with top delivery partners to reach customers directly from the Cafe dining room, at home, or at work.
  • Your kitchen display system powers up your Cafe by keeping track of prep times, assigning orders to the proper workstations, and providing customized receipt timings for maximum effectiveness.

Features of Cafe POS Software

Explore our features to learn more about the POS billing software we create for Cafes to help them run more efficiently.

POS Product

Sales Reporting & Analytics

Keep track of how many of your products are sold, this cafe billing software also displays the amount of revenue you are making on each product. By knowing which areas of your business are the most lucrative, you can concentrate your time and effort there.

POS Product

Mobile/Tablet Access

You won't ever feel tied to a single spot once more with mobile and tablet POS access. Remote access to your best billing system is available from any location with our coffee shop billing software.

POS Product

Live Orders notification

Create and deliver notifications for online orders, service requests, and special orders for customers.

POS Product

Fast & Accurate Billing

Fewer manual processes are required to complete a transaction, increasing productivity and employee efficiency with our best-in-class coffee shop billing software.

POS Product

Real-time data

No matter where you are, you can always access your data and see real-time updates about how your business is doing with our coffee shop POS.

POS Product

Store QR builder

One of its functions is a store QR builder. Our best cafe billing software may accept any kind of payment. Small businesses can accomplish a smooth upgrade.

POS Product

Personalized branding

Integrate your point of sale system with the design of your shop space for increased consistency.

POS Product

Instant transactions

In order to speed up transactions and collect money on the storefront, a system that is 100 percent secure should be used.

POS Product

Featured product

As you walk next to customers, they might see your products, images, and thorough descriptions.

POS Product

Gift cards

With gift cards, you may attract more customers and promote your business easily online.

POS Product

Simple refunds

Without requesting the customer's credit card again, refunds can be processed. Our Cafe Billing Software has all the features for easy refunds.

POS Product

Payment methods

By using our coffee shop billing software, give your customers a full range of payment options by accepting all of them.

Cafe POS software to satisfy digital demands

By utilizing a cafe billing software system that assists your staff in fostering great customer relationships, you may convert one-time customers into devoted supporters.

Pos Billing

Customer profiles that
are fully synced

Individualized interactions are made possible by instant coffee shop billing software access to order history, lifetime spending, and other information.

Pos Billing


Gather contact details and create customized marketing campaigns to distribute promotional offers and early notices

Pos Billing

Gift cards

Utilize your Cafe billing software to integrate gift cards or coupons and express your gratitude to customers online.

pre design template to add cafe items to cafe.

24-hour phone support

You can reach our support team at any time;
they are always available and ready to help

It is simple to manage the entire POS software process

Email and chat services

There is no time for a call. Simply contact us or leave a message in the chat box, then continue working while we address your questions.

This POS system makes it simple to handle your Cafe's everyday operations.

Modern Cafe POS System

It's easy to manage your Cafe's daily operations with this POS system

Every Cafe Type Can Use Our POS Software

We perform more than just payment processing. Everything you require to manage your Coffee shop may be found here.

Pos Billing

Meet the needs of
your clients

Organize and centralize all orders, from contactless delivery and takeout to dining inside Cafes. Create gift cards to keep clients coming back.

Pos Billing

Keep your team

Use time-saving solutions for managing employees that can handle permissions, timecards, bonuses, and scheduling all in one place. To help you make informed decisions about staffing and other challenges, get automated analytics.

Pos Billing

No long-term

Because there are no installation fees or binding commitments, choosing to start using OrderZ is the simplest option you'll make all day.

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POS Service FAQ

A best billing software is a software package used to organise and run your business. Your administrative chores can be centrally managed thanks to the software, which integrates your customer service, and other departments into one programme.
When compared to the alternative of using different software to manage each location, adopting a POS is significantly more efficient and time-saving. Additionally, it can enhance customer satisfaction through effective sales programming, cut waste through computerised inventory reconciliation, provide ordering and expiration notifications, and stop theft.
No, not always. Despite the fact that there are numerous industry-specific software programmes on the market, many of them lack the functions included in a generic retail software product. A broad retail software package frequently has all the functionality of industry-specific software and much more. Consider the features you require both today and in the future.
It is possible to transfer the data into your new system if the present programme can export information,, but each situation would need to be assessed separately.
With POS billing software, it is simple to access customer information and sales statistics arranged by customer, and most systems group the data into reports with tailored categories to improve comparisons and use the information for future planning.