Enhance Your Restaurant Kitchen with Efficient Software

Enhance your cloud kitchen with an integrated platform to handle all online orders on one site and manage your own branded delivery service. Merge all of your orders onto a single, user-friendly Kitchen management platform. The chef can run menu items and track sales using kitchen software.

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Why Orderz Kitchen Management System?

Manage everything with our capable kitchen management software, whether you have a single brand, a single kitchen setup, or a multi-brand cloud kitchen. A crucial component of operating requirements is now modern, innovative technology. The key features of kitchen management software are

  • Saves time.
  • No confusion over orders.
  • No confusion over bills, automatic billing.
  • Higher profit because of efficiency and elimination of wastage.
  • Identify the busiest hours and allocate more staff.
  • Identify your most popular dishes.
  • Accelerate delivery times.
  • We install and configure the software for you and it's ready to use immediately.

Simple setup

You can save more time by starting quickly and easily. Our technology allows you to copy, edit or adjust configurations with the push of a button, even in different types of kitchens.


A good restaurant should have smart menus, quick payment, and services that improve your kitchen process. Increase overall efficiency and reduce operational costs with OrderZ's kitchen management system.


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Seamless customer experience

Customers can order, pay and view receipts from their own devices with OrderZ's kitchen management system. You can manage your restaurant with a limited number of employees.

Stay up to date with reports

Improve your business with accurate reports and increase loyalty by aligning menus and promotions with customer preferences.

Manage the whole kitchen

Kitchen staff can quickly respond and manage food orders using OrderZ's Kitchen Management, which provides order information in a clear and easy-to-read format.


More Efficiency. More Hospitality. More Covers .

One-page website template for online store

Enhance restaurant with simple QR code scanning

  • Our QR scanning features help you complete the kitchen ordering process in just a few clicks.
  • Easy to order and deliver food in a few clicks with less staff using QR code scanning.
  • Control and manage your restaurant from food ordering to delivery and billing in one place by synchronizing kitchen management software.
  • Track important metrics like sales and complaints with comprehensive reports.

Organized orders at Kitchen Display System (KDS)

Replace printers and paper tickets with digital order viewing screens to create a well-organized kitchen with clear workflows. The OrderZ kitchen display system (KDS) software

  • Sends orders directly from the table to the kitchen using POS software.
  • Organizes ingredients so foods that need to go out at the same time are prepared in the correct order.
  • If the orders are in the queue for a long time, the kitchen will alert the staff.
  • It displays special requests, comments, concerns, and additional features.
  • Interactive so that chefs can send meals to various stations, recall them, and indicate when they are done when they are.

Software for Kitchen to table Management

  • Make table and guest management a simple and error-free process.
  • Easily and quickly transfer orders or parts of orders between different tables or restaurant sections.
  • It's easy to add custom requests for special dishes or full orders.
  • Our highly flexible and mobile POS systems are feature-rich and easy to use.
  • Use order management for faster ordering and checkout processes to create a better customer experience.
  • Restaurant KOT being automated reduces the scope for manual errors, saves time, enables real-time reporting of all orders in your restaurant, and reduces cash discrepancies.
Pos Billing
Pos Billing

Simple way to enhance your restaurant

  • Get a real-time view of your employees, sales, Payment terminals, and inventory across all of your locations.
  • Provide excellent service and earn your customers' loyalty and return business.
  • Use your materials efficiently and reduce spoilage and waste.
  • Cash management tools to increase reliability.
  • Send updates on menus, dishes, recipes, and prices to all touch points.
  • Create discounts, offers, and promotions and monitor their success.
  • Use advanced analytics to analyze revenue, sales, and performance at a general and detailed level.

Key Features of Orderz's Kitchen Management Software

OrderZ's kitchen management system helps kitchens manage processes effectively.


Kitchen display system

With a stylish and simple kitchen display system, you can organize your kitchen, increase communication, reduce errors, and ship orders faster.


Kitchen order tracking software

Get all your orders on one screen, manage your entire operation and increase your revenue with kitchen order-tracking software.


Multiple pricing

Configure price depending on floor/sitting area and maximize your restaurant profitability with our restaurant billing software.


Table Management

Improves guest experiences by reducing wait times, keeping guest data at your fingertips, and streamlining operations. A simple and automated KOT generation process makes it easy to process orders.


Profitable menu using KOT

Get instant reports on top-selling and non-moving dishes with kitchen order tracking. Compare daily sales with overall reports for a better understanding.


Manage recipes and inventory

Enhance the menu design of your restaurant to sell more of your most profitable dishes, eliminate any unprofitable ones, and boost your profit by 10% to 15%.


Manage online orders

Connect with delivery partners and manage orders directly from the restaurant POS software; you may change the menu, the price, and the offers as you like.


Increase customer engagement

Use a restaurant POS system to keep your customers engaged and increase customer satisfaction with real-time feedback.


24/7 customer service

You can reach us at any time. We are always ready to help you. Leave a message on live chat and keep working until we answer your questions.

Kitchen Management Software For Restaurant

Use the best kitchen management software to manage and grow your restaurant business. Integrate your distribution platforms, access all your orders in one place, and get tools and insights to help you manage your business.

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It tracks every sale through application development. With this data, you can track the products you sell. As a result, your business can make better decisions.

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Ensure that restaurants run smoothly and efficiently with kitchen management software. Striving to provide pleasant dining experiences to customers in line with brand standards.

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Integrated loyalty

Integrate loyalty programs into your restaurant management system to thank support online.

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This management software handles time-intensive tasks like price lookups and table distribution. However, it allows your employees to focus on other tasks that help improve business growth and customer experience.

Kitchen management software for all types of restaurants

We do more than the process of managing. Here you will find everything you need to manage your restaurant.

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Meet your customers’ needs

Organize and centralize all orders from contactless delivery and takeout to dine-in restaurants. Create gift cards and loyalty programs to keep customers coming back.

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Meet your customers’ needs

Organize and centralize all orders from contactless delivery and takeout to dine-in restaurants. Create gift cards and loyalty programs to keep customers coming back.

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No long-term responsibilities

With no setup fees or binding obligations, choosing to start using OrderZ is the easiest choice you'll make throughout the day.

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Restaurant management system for the modern entrepreneur

Use the OrderZ kitchen management system to control day-to-day operations in your restaurant.

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Kitchen Management Software FAQ

The KDS will display the respective food at the proper kitchen station and inform your staff of the processing status at other stations. And it automatically groups delivery lines that might run jointly. The customer can see the status of the order at every step of the process.
Digitize and automate your kitchen process with help of kitchen management software. A detailed evaluation of staff performance is also possible with the help of the kitchen monitor. It makes optimizing delivery times and staff deployment even simpler.
Yes, you can install and use our kitchen management software on any device. How many workstations or kitchen monitors your kitchen needs is entirely up to you.
Yes, the kitchen manager provides in-depth statistics and analyses that detail staff productivity and delivery and preparation times.